Monday, July 03, 2006

What's in a Name?

Ever since I met my wife of almost 8 years, she has had a different way of speaking. There are a few phrases she uses that I don't hear from anyone else. One of them is "How crazy is that?" The other day I was in the car driving home from the grocery store. My son, who is two and a half, was sitting behind me looking out the window, marveling at the world around him.

He spotted an excavator and with excitement in his voice said, "Dad, look! It's an excavator!" "I know," I responded to which he said, "How crazy is that?" He said with such seriousness and intentionality, I couldn't stop laughing. What stuck with me from our short interaction was, that in raising kids my wife and I are making little versions of ourselves. Whether we like it or not, they are growing up to become us. I couldn't help thinking, "That is crazy!"

Everyone Has to Start Sometime

Well, finally I too have arrived in the blogsphere. When I first heard about blogs, I thought it was the craziest thing, that people would post their thoughts on the internet for all to read. But since then I have enjoyed reading about many a person's story. They have blessed, encouraged, entertained and challenged me. Thank you to all who have taken the time to write down their thoughts and opinions and chosen to share them with the rest of us.

And now it is my turn to open the door into my life and let other have a glimpse. Hopefully you will be blessed, encouraged, entertained and challenged by what I have to share. I look forward to the opportunigy of sharing my thoughts and opinions with others. Whether you are family, friend or foe, welcome to my blog. Here goes nothing...